Digital/Analog Audio to Stereo

  • 3rd May, 2018

The Digital/Analog Stereo Audio Amplifier outputs both digital and analog LPCM 2CH audio for replay on un-powered 20W 4Ω speakers.

To setup, simply connect your analog and digital audio sources to the inputs of the Digital/Analog Audio Amplifier. To select digital 'Optical In' or analog 'Line In' for the source to be listened to, to make volume level adjustments or to mute the output entirely, simply use the control buttons mounted on the front panel. Alternate control by remote access is via a PC using RS-232 command protocol software, a great feature of this amplifier.

Green LED lights visually indicate the working status of the Digital/Analog Stereo Audio Amplifier, showing the active selected source and volume levels. Volume levels spread from -80dB to +20dB and the LED's indicate the volume increments. Source audio cables and speaker cables are all connected via connections mounted on the back panel. The 24vDC power supply is connected via a 4-pin DIN connector and the mains supply can be connected from 110vAC or 240vAC power sources.

The Digital/Analog Stereo Audio Amplifier is a compact high performance Class-D amplifier, operating as a very high-speed electronic switch, not like a linear gain device. This can give up to 90% operating efficiency when compared to other devices. Designed for use in either commercial or private scenarios, with low operating costs and a high performance output, get in to order yours now.

For further details and assistance with the Digital/Analog Stereo Audio Amplifier, please enter here to access the product webpage. You are welcome to download the free User Manual if further technical details are required, or contact our Staff for extra help if needed. You may also place a direct order here and make Credit Card payment via secure Bank software for instant order approval.

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