Multi-Video to HDMI UHD Scaler

  • 12th April, 2018

The new Multi Video to HDMI UHD Scaler is an organiser designed to assist with
the connection and selection of video sources to any size HDMI TV.
Compatible with VGA, Displayport and HDMI video formats, the Multi Video
to HDMI UHD Scaler adds clarity and quality to any Home Theatre System.

Make High Definition video viewing even more exciting by up-scaling your video signal to Ultra High Definition 4K2K resolution, for fantastic Cinema style viewing. Digital audio formats are supported and a 3.5mm phonejack allows for analog L/R audio to be extended out to an external sound system.

Designed with a sleek look and high quality parts and chipsets for maximum performance, the Multi Video to HDMI UHD Scaler is extremely User friendly. Soft-touch buttons mounted on the front panel and a hand-held IR remote control give instant access to the OSD to easily adjust system parameters.

Alternately, use PC based RS-232, WebGUI or TelNet communications facilities to access and control the Multi Video to HDMI UHD Scaler, whether in the same room, or from a totally different location.

Incorporating the latest HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 & 1.4 and DVI 1.0 protocols, the Multi Video to HDMI UHD Scaler will work up to the Full HD 1080p video resolution, with the added capability to up-scale this signal to an UHD 4K2K video resolution.

At start up, EDID will automatically set the Scaler output to 'Native', to best match the output video signal to the attached TV. Once established, simply use the OSD menu to adjust the Scaler output to your desired resolution, from SD timings thru to UHD timings.

OSD parameters like brightness, contrast and sharpness can all be adjusted to enhance the quality of the displayed picture and the Aspect Ratio set to match the video to the whole screen. EDID and HDCP selections automatically set the Scaler and TV for best display and can be turned on or off as required.

If interested to access the product webpage for more information, to purchase or to make an Enquiry, then please feel free to click here.

We welcome all enquiries and you may Email, Telephone +61 (0)2 4968 9313, or Fax +61 (0)2 4968 9314.

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