CGA Converters

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A CGA to VGA Converter - LCD Suitable allowing a 15khz RGB signal to display on PC monitor or TFT monitor at 640x480.

A high performance CGA to VGA converter designed specifically for use with gaming model boards. The converter allows boards from manufacturers such as AMCOE, ASTRO and DYNA to be diplayed on VGA monitors (CRT or LCD). This product is especially suited to gaming machines that have a CGA monitor that has failed, allowing a cheaper and more readily available VGA monitor to be used as a replacement.

The RGB, MDA, CGA, EGA to VGA Converter is a new multi-frequency scan converter, up-scaling to PC VGA and SVGA resolutions. The converter will auto-scan and accept horizontal scan frequencies from 12kHz ~ 40kHz with the vertical scan frequency unconstrained.

Showing 3 of 3 products