CGA to VGA Converter Gaming Model

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Product Description

A high performance CGA to VGA converter designed specifically for use with gaming model boards. The converter allows boards from manufacturers such as AMCOE, ASTRO and DYNA to be diplayed on VGA monitors (CRT or LCD). This product is especially suited to gaming machines that have a CGA monitor that has failed, allowing a cheaper and more readily available VGA monitor to be used as a replacement.
The converter has in-built modes for quick set-up of the most common brands of gaming boards (AMCOE, ASTRO, DYNA etc), and also has advanced user-adjustable settings, via an On-Screen-Display menu system. Settings include H-Size, V-Size, H-Position, V-Position, Brighness, Hue and Contrast.

Product Details

  • Input : CGA (gaming boards) via DB-9 (standard CGA) connector

  • Output : VGA via DB-15 (standard VGA) connector

  • Power supply : 9v to 12v DC (positive tip)

  • Controls : Power On / Off, Menu, Increment Value, Decrement Value

  • Power on indication : Green LED

  • Pre-set Modes : AMCOE 1 & 2, ASTRO, DYNA, OTHER

  • Menu Features : Brighness, Contrast, Colour level, Hue, H-Size, V-Size, H-Position, V-Position, V-Pic Cutoff, H-Pic Cutoff, Mode

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CGA to VGA Converter Gaming Model Manuals

What's Included

  • CGA to VGA Converter Gaming Model
  • CGA to VGA Converter Gaming Model User Manual
  • Power Cable (Open Wire)
  • RGB Navigation Cable (Open Wire)