USB PC to Optical, Coaxial and Headset Audio Converters

  • 25th October, 2018
Select and convert your PC's audio files to an Optical or Coaxial audio format and stream this signal via the PC's USB port to a Home Theatre amplifier, active speakers or headset using our USB to Optical Audio Converter - up to 192kHz (ID#15447) and the USB PC to Coaxial Audio Converter - up to 384kHz (ID#15448).

Both converters are designed around the superior USB audio processor XMOS U8A, which supports up to 384kHz/24bits sample rate for coaxial audio and 192kHz/24bits sample rate for optical audio. An easy to instal solution facilitating the replay of PC audio files on external audio systems.

Simply plug the modules USB port to your PC's USB port, then connect via coax or optical cable to your sound system. Full support given for the majority of PC Operating System's, which include Windows XP, Vista 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 & 64 bit) / OSX 10.6.4 and above.

For those requiring privacy when listening to their music, we have the USB PC to Headphone Audio Converter - up to 384kHz (ID#15449). Connect your headset to the converter via a standard 3.5mm phone jack and enjoy superior USB sound reproduction from the in-built audio processor, supporting sample rates up to 384kHz/24bits. As an added refinement, a superior DAC engine supports up to 384kHz audio for digital to analog signal conversion.

A compact product packed with quality technology, delivering a clean, crisp audio reproduction for superior PC audio sound.

To order, simply log-in and proceed to checkout for an easy three-step order, confirm and payment process. For larger orders where discounts may apply, contact us by Telephone: +64 (0)2 689313, Fax: +64 (0)2 689314 or by Email:   

At anytime, please feel free to contact our friendly Staff if you require assistance with the products.
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