4x4 HDMI UHD 4K Matrix Switch

  • 18th September, 2018
The new 4x4 HDMI UHD 4K Matrix Switch is the latest release in our range of quality video switching systems, all designed to support video resolutions across HDMI 1080p, UHD 4K and 3D formats.

The chassis is a stylish black-metal casing, ventilated and noise free. Mounted on the front panel for easy access are six Soft-touch buttons, allowing the User to interface with the system to setup the 4x4 HDMI UHD 4K Matrix Switch. Sixteen green LED indicators display the current inter-connection status of all attached devices, with up to four sources (video players) and four sinks (HDTV's) in total.

All input and output cables connect on the back of the unit in clearly designated ports and are hidden away from view. Service inlets/outlets include the +12vDC power supply and system control cables like RS-232 9-pin D-sub, Service mini-USB port and Ethernet RJ-45 port all terminate in allocated positions on the back panel.

The 4x4 HDMI UHD 4K Matrix Switch has been developed to comply with the latest release of HDMI, DVI and HDCP protocols, with firmware updates regularly available to maintain the systems usability and extending its working life. It fully supports High and Ultra High Definition resolutions and all 3D formats in Deep Colour, plus HD lossless Digital Audio formats like LPCM, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD Master Audio.

An additional bonus feature of the 4x4 HDMI UHD 4K Matrix Switch is Input port HDCP support for Standard and Apple modes. The Apple mode selection guarantees the use of Apple devices with the 4x4 HDMI UHD 4K Matrix Switch.

Please feel free to contact with our friendly Staff if you require further assistance with the 4x4 HDMI UHD 4K Matrix Switch. Telephone us on +61 (0)2 4968 9313, Fax to +61 (0)2 4968 9314 or Email sales@converters.tv

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