HDMI 4K2K Splitters

  • 9th August, 2017

Our range of high quality single input to two, four or eight output HDMI 4K2K Splitters are now on sale through our on-line Converters.TV website. Each model is rated to work with HDMI video and audio signals up to 4K2K Ultra High Definition (UHD), as defined by the HDMI v1.4 protocol.

This series of HDMI 4K2K 2, 4 and 8 output Splitters will accept and buffer an input HDMI video/audio signal up to 4K2K in resolution, then split, re-shape and re-generate that signal into separate, but equal, high quality HDMI signals up to 4K2K resolution, for presentation to every output.

The HDMI 4K2K Splitters can process video from Standard Def 480i/p@50/60Hz, thru High Def 1080p@24/50/60Hz and on up to Ultra High Def 4K2K@30Hz. 3D video is also processed, but you still need to use a 3D enabled source (player) and sink (screen).

Standard PC resolutions from VGA to UXGA are defined and processed in the same way, with 3Gbps of Bandwidth ensuring high quality HDMI video/audio signal distribution.

A feature of the HDMI 4K2K Splitters is the ability to process High Definition Lossless Audio, allowing audio support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats, as well as LPCM audio up to 7.1CH.

The HDMI 4K2K Splitters are slimline in profile, housed in a stylish black-metal casing and with clearly designated input and outputs. Powered by a 5vDC PSU with a low power consumption rating, the HDMI 4K2K Splitters are all very easy to setup, just plug'n'play.

To access the webpages for more details about this range of dynamic splitters, simply click on the link that interests you most. For 2 output Splitters, please click here, for 4 output Splitters please click here. Our 8 output Splitter can be accessed by clicking here.

If you have questions or need assistance with an order, then please feel free to contact our friendly Staff by email: sales@converters.tv, by telephone on +61 2 4968 9313, or by Fax on +61 2 4968 9314

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