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TBC (Time Base Corrector) A device which is used to reduce or eliminate errors caused by mechanical instability present in analog recordings on mechanical media. Without time base correction, a signal from a videotape recorder or videocassette recorder cannot be mixed with other, more time stable devices found in video studios. TBCs are also used to synchronise two video sources to allow mixing.
TFT Screen A variant of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which uses thin-film transistor (TFT) technology to improve image quality. Generally used in the manufacturing of flat computer screens and video screens.
TOSLINK TOSLINK (Optical Cable) is a standardised optical fiber connection system. Its most common use is in consumer audio equipment, where it carries a digital audio stream. It can often be found on DVD players and some game consoles to connect the digital audio stream to Dolby Digital/DTS decoders. Toshiba originally created TOSLINK (Toshiba Link) to connect their CD players to their receivers for PCM audio streams, and it was soon adopted by other manufacturers.
Truecolor Truecolor is a method of representing and storing graphical image information (especially in computer processing) in an RGB colour space such that a very large number of colours, shades, and hues can be displayed in an image, such as in high quality photographic images or complex graphics. Usually, truecolor is defined to mean at least 256 shades of red, green, and blue, for a total of at least 16,777,216 colour variations. Truecolor can also refer to an RGB display mode that does not need a colour look-up table.
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