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QXGA The QXGA, or Quad eXtended Graphics Array, display standard is a resolution standard in display technology. Their high pixel counts and heavy display hardware requirements mean that there are currently few CRT and LCD monitors which have pixel counts at these levels. These terms are currently relegated to the highest-end consumer computer display hardware for those buying LCD
QVGA The Quarter Video Graphics Array (also known as Quarter VGA, QVGA, or qVGA) is a popular term for a computer display with 320 × 240 display resolution. QVGA displays are most often used in mobile phones, PDAs and some handheld game consoles. Often the displays are in a "portrait" orientation (i.e., taller than they are wide, as opposed to "landscape") and are referred to as 240 × 320.
QSXGA QSXGA (Quad Super Extended Graphics Array) is a display resolution of 2560×2048 pixels with a 5:4 aspect ratio. Grayscale monitors with a 2560×2048 resolution, primarily for medical use.
QSXGA Plus QSXGA+ (Quad Super Extended Graphics Array +) is a display resolution of 2800×2100 pixels with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Grayscale monitors with a 2800×2100 resolution.
QUXGA QUXGA (Quad Ultra Extended Graphics Array) describes a display standard that can support a resolution up to 3200 x 2400 pixels, assuming a 4:3 aspect ratio.