AV Switcher Box

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AV Stereo Selector CVD-1000. This switchbox allows the user to select one out of the four input A/V sources. The selected source is then amplified and split into four parallel outputs.

PC/HD Switcher 4 input : 1 output w/RS232 allows the selection of any one of four PC or High Definition input sources to be displayed on one common Monitor. The Switch supports high resolution input of PC (VGA to WUXGA) and HDTV (480p/i to 1080p/i). Connect your PC, DVD player, Set Top Box and Cable Box to the PC/HD Switcher 4 input : 1 output w/RS232 and select the source you wish to view by simple remote control operation. Very Easy to setup and operate, this unit is ideal for use in Advertising, Business, Schools and Private Homes.

The Program Selector-SM-808H allows older televisions without AV inputs to view movies from your DVD/VCD player or to play games with your gaming console by converting the AV input signals to an RF output.

Showing 3 of 3 products