Video Edit Kit - TV - DV - AV All-in-One plus Combo bay

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Product Description

The Video Edit Kit - TV - DV - AV All-in-One plus Combo bay transforms your ordinary PC into a powerful video editing studio and home entertainment center. Suitable for PAL input only.

It comes with a ergonomically designed breakout box for easy access to the DV(digital video), AV(analog video) and audio inputs at the front of the PC. The TV/DV/AV All-in-One plus Combo bay package integrates TV viewing, digital video and analog video capturing, video editing and VCD/SVCD/DVD burning all in one.

Product Details


  • Combo bay front box interface allows convenient connections to i-Link DV, S-Video(Y/C), Composite video, Audio(L/R) inputs
  • Compatible with all DV, mini DV camcorders, VHS/VCR, and analog camcorders
  • Supports full TV frequency function
  • 25 channel preview
  • Auto channel scan
  • Time shifting
  • Scaling TV windows display(full screen support)
  • Fully interoperable with Firewire and i-Link implementations of IEEE1394.
  • New enchanced DV export to tape interface
  • Multisystem video support
  • Real time MPEG1/2 recording and playback
  • Schedule recording for TV programs
  • Snapshot function
  • Plug & Play support


  • TV: 75ohm coaxial TV Antenna/Cable input
  • Digital Video: 1x i-Link DV 6 pin, 1x 4pin I/O port
  • Analog video: 1x S-video, 1x composite video input port
  • Audio: 1x Stereo input, 1x stereo output
  • Video System: NTSC, PAL, SECAM multisystem support
  • Motion capture: MPEG1/2 and AVI formats
  • Output streaming video: WMV, RealVideo formats
  • Performance Up to 25 fps at 720x576(PAL), 30 fps at 720x480(NTSC)

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Pentium II 300Mhz CPU
  • Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
  • 64MB RAM(128MB recommended)
  • 300MB hard disk space(4GB recommended)
  • One PCI 2.1 bus slot
  • CD-ROM drive
  • CD-R/RW (for burning videos)

Dimensions and Weight

12.0 cm
4.72 inches
18.0 cm
7.08 inches
1.0 cm
0.39 inches

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20.0 cm
7.87 inches
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What's Included

  • Video Edit Kit
  • Remote Control
  • Antenna
  • Infrared sensor
  • Line Jack Cable
  • Firewire Cable
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Stereo AV to Line Jack Adaptor