SCART to PAL Converter CRS-2000

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Product No CRS-2000
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Product Description

SCART to PAL Converter CRS-2000. This unit will convert from a SCART input to a SVHS or composite output with stereo sound. Due to the fact that this unit is powered, it is able to keep a constant steady video stream unlike the unpowered versions. This is thanks to the inbuilt Video Stabiliser in the unit.

This unit allows customers to ultilise the scart output of there applicances like DVD and satellite tv boxes.

Product Details


  • RGB to S-VHS/Composite Converter Plus Video Stabiliser


  • Input system: Pal
  • Output system: Same as Input
  • Inputs: 1 x Scart
  • Outputs: 1 x S-Video, 1 x Video, 1 x Audio L,R
  • Power Supply: 7.5V ~0.5A AC/DC Adaptor 240V- 50Hz 60mA Center Negative

Dimensions and Weight

4.0 cm
1.57 inches
23.0 cm
9.05 inches
13.3 cm
5.23 inches
0.400 kg
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26.3 cm
10.35 inches
23.3 cm
9.17 inches
5.7 cm
2.24 inches
0.850 kg
1.87 lb
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SCART to PAL Converter CRS-2000 Manuals

What's Included

  • SCART to PAL Converter CRS2000.
  • Composite RCA Cable (Male to Male)
  • 7.5V ~0.5A AC/DC Adaptor 240V~50Hz 60mA Center Negative