RGB to VGA Adapter Board

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Product Description

Easily connect a range of RGB cables directly into the RGB to VGA adapter board, which then connects to your monitor or equipment via VGA cable. This is a plug and play solution (but please note, this product is not a video converter/scaler, it is a video adapter).

Connecting your red, green, blue, combined sync, or separate sync cable directly into the RGB to VGA adapter board can be done either through these 3 input plugs;

5pin – RGBS input (cable included)
6pin – RGBS H/V input
10pin – RGBS H/V input

Changing the colour intensity is very easy via the red, blue, green colour potentiometers.

Further RGB fine tuning is available through the dipswitch settings that connect 330PF and 470PF capacitance on each colour channel. To turn on this function (turn switch onto ON) use the dipswitch setting as follows;

Switch 1 – 330PF Red
Switch 2 – 330PF Green
Switch 3 – 330PF Blue
Switch 4 – 470PF Red
Switch 5 – 470PF Green
Switch 6 – 470PF Blue

The RGB to VGA adapter board is the easiest way to connect your RGB equipment into your LCD displays, monitors, and video equipment.

Product Details

  • RGB input = 1x standard 5 pin R/G/B/H+V Connector
  • RGB input = 1x standard 6 pin R/G/B/H+V/V Connector
  • RGB input = 1x standard 10 pin R/G/B/H+V/H/V
  • VGA output
  • 1x Red potentiometer
  • 1x Green potentiometer
  • 1x Blue potentiometer
  • 330PF capacitance via RGB (if needed)
  • 470PF capacitance via RGB (if needed)

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What's Included

  • 1x RGB to VGA Adapter Board
  • 1x 5pin RGB Cable
  • 4x mounting feet