AV-4410 RF Modulator

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Product Description

A compact AV-4410 to RF modulator. Which converters your any Pal video source that can be connected via the standard AV (composite) plug to RF (attenna) plug.

This conversion is called modulation, your video and audio signals are combined and modulated to a specific frequency much like free to air tv is. So to pick up the signal you only need to tune your tv or vcr, etc to that specific frequency in this case 57.25MHz which is best to be tuned onto channel 1 of your tv or select device.

Product Details


  • Can convert AV and S-video signals to RF signals
  • Can change signal system and has the function of antenna signal input


  • Power Supply: 240VAC 50Hz
  • Input AV System: PAL
  • Colour subcarrier frequency: 5.5Mhz
  • Video Input: 1Vp-p; 75 ohms
  • Audio Input: -20dB; 25 Kohms
  • Frequency: 57.25Mhz
  • Connection Terminals Input: Video x 1, Audio x 2, Antenna Jack x 1
  • Connection Terminals Output: RF x 1
  • Power: 240V Power Cable

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What's Included

  • AV~4410 RF Modulator