How to easily connect RGB to VGA Equipment

  • 6th January, 2024

The Arcooda RGB to VGA adapter board allows you to easily connect a range of RGB wiring harnesses (5pin, 6pin, and 10pin) to your VGA monitor or video equipment.

This product is not a video converter/scaler, but is an adapter and will take your RGB signal and transfer to your VGA device. It offers the following solutions;

  • Plug and play your RGB cables to your VGA equipment without needing to rewire/solder/modifiy.
  • Adjust the colour intensity via the 3 colour (red, green, blue) potentiometers
  • Further fine tune your video signal via the 330/470PF capacitance dipswitches
Using the RGB to VGA Adapter board is the easiest way to connect RGB to VGA.

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