Audio Extractors

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The HDMI Audio Extractor is ideal for separating the HDMI audio stream from the HDMI video stream, allowing for the extracted audio signal to be relayed to an external speaker system. The HDMI Audio Extractor outputs digital optical TosLink or analog Left/Right audio signals; perfect for integration with your home theatre sound system, shop advertising display or important career presentation. Supports audio EDID control of LPCM2, 5.1/7.1 and Bitstream.

The HDMI UHD 4k2k Audio Extractor is designed to de-embed the audio signal from an HDMI HD and UHD video/audio signal. The extracted audio signal can now be converted to an Analog Left / Right or Digital Optical audio signal for connection to an external sound system. If wanting to use the original HDMI audio signal, it simply passes-thru the converter and is contained in the HDMI video/audio signal output. The HDMI UHD 4k2k Audio Extractor supports HDMI High Definition video, all 3D video formats and 4k2k Ultra High Definition video using 3D and 4k2k enabled equipment.

​This UHD 4K 6G Audio Extractor extracts up to 8 channels of LPCM audio from an HDMI source and allows the user to convert high quality lossless HDMI audio into multi-channel analog signals, for use with powered speakers or non-HDMI AV receivers.

The UHD 4K 6G Audio Extractor w/ HDCP2.2 extracts the HDMI audio with up to 192kHz sampling rate and converts it to analog stereo audio, for connection to external powered speakers or an Audio Amplifier.

Showing 4 of 4 products